Tennis Action Continues on Day 2 of Marlin Invite

Tennis Action Continues on Day 2 of Marlin Invite

Virginia Beach, VA - The Virginia Wesleyan University men's tennis team continued play today at the Everett Tennis Center in the inaugural Marlin Invite.  Teams competing in the three day flighted event include: Southern Virginia University; Hampden-Sydney College; Marymount University; Washington College and Virginia Wesleyan University.

Action continues tomorrow (9/29) at 9 AM at the Everett Tennis Center when the Marlins take on Hampden-Sydney College in singles follwed by a 10:30 match-up with Washington College.  Doubles action will begin Noon.  

Results from Saturday 9/28

Doubles Flights

A- Guiot/Stromberg (MU) def Perry/West (VWU) 8-1

B-Wilson/Tep (VWU) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-2

C- Combos/Gunther def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-0


A- Moody/Moody (HSC) def Motlojoa/D. Blonquist (SVU) 8-7 (5)

B- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Cummings/Burns (HSC) 8-2

C- Sherwood/Spencer (SVU) def Donelson/Theoharis (HSC) 8-2


A- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Guiot/Stromberg (MU) 8-2

B- Motlojoa/ D. Blonquist (SVU) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-2

C- A. Blonquist/Spencer (SVU) def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-1


A- Moody/Moody (HSC) def Eisenmagen/Hickey (WC) 8-2

B- Burns/Cummings (HSC) def Meriot/Strober )WC) 8-6

C- Evans/Smith (WC) def Conde/Donelson (HSC) 8-3


A- D. Blonquist/Motlojoa (SVU) def Perry/West (VWU) 8-1

B- Dias/Monson (SVU) def Tep/Wilson (VWU) 8-3

C- Spencer/A. Blonquist (SVU) def Gunther/Combos (VWU) 8-7 (1)


A- Guiot/Stromberg (MU) def Hickey/Smith (WC) 8-6

B- Strober/Evans (WC) def Chamuleau/Devkaran (MU) 8-4

C- Gruyon/Province (WC) def Etame-Ese/Sijera (MU) 8-1


Singles Flights


A- Matthew Moody (HSC) def Paul Eisenmagen (WC) 8-5

B- Landon Strober (WC) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-3

C- Clark Cummings (HSC) def August Meriot (WC) 8-5

D- Kyle Hickey (WC) def Grayson Burns (HSC) 8-7 (2)

E- Andrew Province (WC) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-4

F- Andrew Smith (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-3

G- Christian Gruyon (WC) def patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0

H- Andrew Province (WC) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-0


A- Dorian Guiot (MU) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-7 (5)

B- Nicolas Stromberg (MU) def Andreas Combos (VWU) 8-7 (6)

C- Anthony Wilson (VWU) def Neal Devkaran (MU) 8-0

D- Henry West (VWU) def Drecht Chamuleau (MU) 8-3

E- Nick Gunther (VWU) def Anthony Sijera (MU) 8-0

F- Roncs Etame-Ese (MU) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-4

G- Noah Hughes (VWU) def Ezra Blasi (SVU) 8-4


A- Paul Eisenmagen (WC) def Timothy Tep (VWU) 8-7 (3)

B- Landon Strober (WC) def Andreas Combos (VWU) 8-3

C- Anthony Wilson (VWU) def Andrew Smith (WC) 8-2

D- Andrew Province (WC) def Henry West (VWU) 8-4

E- Nick Gunther (VWU) def Christian Gruyon (WC) 8-1

F- Mitchell Evans (WC) def Noah Hughes (VWU) 8-4

G- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-1


A- Marcos Dias (SVU) def Matthew Moody HSC) ( 8-0

B- Kukutla Motlojoa (SVU) def Michael Moody (HSC) 8-1

C- Paul Monson (SVU) def Clark Cummings (HSC) 8-2

D- D. Blonquist (SVU) def Andrew Donelson (HSC) 8-5

E- Ben Spencer (SVU) def Patrick Conde (HSC) 8-0

F- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Zander Theoharis (HSC) 8-2

G- Tanner Bassett (SVU) def Christian Gruyon (WC) 8-2